• Kerry Maiorca

Puppy love

I've got a bad case of it. Puppy love, that is.

Meet Coco - she's 4 months old, she's sweet and playful (and sometimes mischievous), and over the past couple of months she has completely transformed our little family of five.

I was scared of dogs growing up, mostly because I never really new any. I used to get so nervous to play at my friend's house if I knew her dog would be out because I knew I'd have to navigate the jumping up, barking, and possible licking. Dogs really know when you aren't into them, and they seem to gravitate towards you even more :)

I've found that puppy training has a lot in common with yoga practice: it goes best when you can pay attention, have compassion for yourself and those around you, and adapt swiftly when you recognize a need that isn't being met.

I'll admit I'm not totally Zen when Coco has torn into a favorite slipper or blanket (she LOVES fringes), but if I've had enough sleep and my sense of humor is intact, I can usually remember that she's always communicating what she needs and only tends to act our or have slip-ups if I don't catch her message in time.

Beyond puppy training, I really see my main job as a human as paying better attention for more of my day, whether on my mat, with my kids and pup, or in my work. Yoga really helps me do that, and I'm endlessly grateful. Breathe in, breathe out, notice. Good dog.  |  All Content Copyright 2020