• Kerry Maiorca

Sending love in a difficult time

I've been a bit overwhelmed the past few weeks. Or more accurately, I've been overwhelmed, grateful, bored, impatient, joyful, sick, driven, tired, energized, and just about everything else, depending on the day.

Between managing three kids and tag-teaming with my amazing husband, launching an online yoga platform for my studio in a matter of days (with tons of great work from my amazing team at Bloom), and working with the tireless folks at Yoga Alliance to support the larger yoga community, I finally realized that by believing the weight of this whole thing rest on my shoulders alone, I was causing myself undue anxiety and worry.

That's when I started going to bed earlier, avoiding email or to-dos until I'd done my morning meditation practice, prioritizing hikes and trampoline time with my kids, and shutting my computer off at night to watch TV or a movie with my family. When I'm feeling vulnerable I immediately delete any email that has the word coronavirus in it, and I actively don't seek out news that will cause me to feel that nervousness in my chest.

I sincerely hope you are prioritizing your own wellness, on all levels. And as I've been reminding myself (and my kids now that they've started virtual school again), whatever is waiting is not more important than your own health and mental well-being.

Be kind and compassionate to yourself, make space for whatever you are feeling right now, and give yourself permission to change what you do to meet these incredible times.  |  All Content Copyright 2020