starter kit

Looking to kickstart your home practice?It's much easier when you have the right gear at your fingertips.

Below I've shared my favorite props

(and a great way to store them).


Get Geared Up!

The Right Tools make all the Difference

Congrats on deciding to invest in daily self-care!


I struggled for years to make home yoga practice a regular part of my daily life. I rationalized that maybe I needed to wait until my kids were older, until I had a dedicated home yoga space, until I stopped feeling compelled to do laundry instead of child's pose, until, until, until....


Mat sloppily parked by my bed, blocks and blankets strewn about my closet, the props I had acquired just became a visual reminder of how I was failing to achieve my goal. It was a mess, and it seemed like too much work to wrangle the various props in my practice space (I like to practice right at the foot of my bed - you don't need much more room than the dimensions of a yoga mat!).


It was only when I found the perfect storage bench and invested in a few more essential props that I started to make gentle and restorative yoga an integral part of my daily self-care routine. You can, too!

Below are my favorites props I use on a daily basis. I encourage you to buy from your local studio if possible!

If you are buying online, I've made it easier by sharing links. 

Yoga Blankets

Blankets are a great place to start when building your toolkit. You'll use them for propping, comfort, and warmth in a variety of active and restorative poses. For meditation, I love to sit on two blankets and wrap a third around me - so cozy. I suggest starting with at least 2 blankets (lots of colors to choose from). If you're ready to splurge, go for 3!

Blocks and Strap

2 Blocks and 1 Strap will be perfect.


If you're into gentle, restorative, and/or meditation, you'll use your bolster all the time. I've found the rectangular bolsters to be the most versatile. Hugger Mugger is considered one of the best brands and is therefore a bit more pricey, but in my experience it's worth it! They're handmade in the USA with upholstery-grade fabrics. If you are a Yoga Alliance member, you can get 46% off Hugger Mugger products here.



Eye Pillow

Such a wonderful way to fully commit to rest during savasana. I love my eye pillow - it feels nurturing.

Yoga Mat

Maybe you already have one (maybe your kids or animal friends play with it?). I recommend an extra thick mat for cushioning and comfort.


Poppin Storage Bench

This was the game changer for my home practice storage and convenience! Here's what I fit in my storage bench:

1 yoga mat, 2 blocks, 3 blankets, 1-2 bolsters, 1 strap, 1 eye pillow, and my small meditation singing bowl!

Happy practicing!

Looking for a little more support getting started? Did you know I offer One-on-One sessions locally in Boulder, CO or online anywhere in the world? Reach out - I'd love to help you fall in love with your home practice.