Individual and Group Sound Sessions


Full Moon Gentle Yoga + Sound Bath

Wednesday, December 7th

7:15 - 8:30pm

@ Yoga Pearl in Boulder

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Experience the magic of this group sound meditation experience!

Enjoy the beauty of a balanced yoga practice that leads you into a deep relaxation and sound meditation. Class will begin with a gentle yoga sequence that combines energizing active poses with quieting restorative poses. Modifications and props will be offered and you will be empowered to find what feels good as you reconnect with and nurture your body.

Then you'll settle into a comfortable relaxation pose with plenty of props as you bathe in the sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, the deep resonance of a gong, and other soothing instruments to transport you into a meditative state of relaxation.

No previous experience is necessary and it is appropriate for all. Wear comfortable clothing and bring layers for warmth. All props provided.

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One-on-One Sound Sessions

Feel the nurturing vibrations​

When placed on and around the body, Himalayan singing bowls offer a rich, grounding vibration that sends the body into deep states of physiological relaxation. The body heals best when at rest, and this one-on-one embodied sound sessions set the stage for powerful shifts and changes for mind and body.

Sessions are conducted on a massage table with the client fully clothed and covered for warmth. A table warmer provides additional coziness and comfort. Bowls may be placed on or surrounding the body and the result is a nurturing feeling of being wrapped, held, and even massaged by the sound vibrations. As we are made up mostly of water, the impact of vibration on our bodies is profound.

One-on-one embodied sound sessions begin with a conversation about what you are hoping to gain from the session, and together we'll set an intention for the session that will help you feel seen, heard, and nurtured.  ​

Fee: Sliding scale, suggested $85 - $120 for 60 min

Reduced fee options are available - contact me for more information

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