Gentle + Yoga Nidra @ Bloom!

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Sunday, Dec 26

4:00 - 5:30pm

@Bloom Yoga Studio

4663 N. Rockwell St.

Chicago, IL 60625

Best of both worlds: effort and ease 

Find deep states of calm and well-being when you combine gentle yoga and the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, an accessible and systematic form of meditation.


This class will begin with a satisfying sequence of gentle yoga poses (including some active work) as well as conscious breathing to prepare the body for a 20-30 minute guided relaxation to close the practice. Yoga Nidra is typically practiced in a comfortable reclined pose, and you will have access to all the props you could want to make you feel fully cozy. With benefits such as stress reduction and better sleep, this combo practice is the perfect way to rejuvenate and deeply rest.

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Gentle Yoga Classes


Join me for two weekly Gentle Yoga classes:




9am MT

@ South Boulder Rec Center



10am CT / 9am MT

@ Bloom Yoga Online

Balance strength, mobility, and rest

This embodied mindfulness practice offers a variety of feel-good floor poses as well as active standing poses in both dynamic and static application. Explore familiar and novel balance poses, learn the benefits of subtle breathing, and cultivate space for stillness, quiet, and deep rest.

While this class is beneficial for those with restrictions or injuries, gentle yoga is not just a second choice for when active practice isn’t possible. Instead, this class suggests entirely different goals and intentions. Instead of an always-on or always-off practice, explore the beauty something in the middle.

No previous yoga or meditation experience necessary.

Yoga & Functional Breathing

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Stay tuned for the next  series, or contact me to schedule a private session

What if everything you believed

about “deep breathing” was outdated?

I've been teaching Gentle & Restorative Yoga and Meditation for over 20 years. After encountering the Buteyko Breathing Method I realized that my outdated beliefs about breath were negatively impacting my health and wellbeing, and I was determined to share a new approach with students and one-on-one clients.


If you frequently sigh or yawn, crave deep chest breaths to feel “fully oxygenated,” experience anxiety in meditation or other quieting practices where breath is intended to be subtle, or can’t imagine getting on a yoga mat with the accompaniment of a loud ujjayi breath practice, breath retraining could offer you profound benefits.

I welcome the opportunity to work with adults and children who are looking to create a shift, whether within the context of a Yoga or Sound Healing session or as a standalone Functional Breathing session.