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Classes & Workshops

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Gentle Strength Yoga Classes

Try the radical practice of doing less!

This embodied mindfulness practice offers a variety of feel-good floor poses as well as selected active and standing poses in both dynamic and static application to help you:  

* Gently build strength and stability throughout the body

* Foster mobility guided by conscious breath

* Cultivate space for stillness, quiet, and deep rest

While this class is incredibly beneficial for those with restrictions, limitations, or injuries, it’s not just a second choice when active yoga practice isn’t possible.

Instead, this class suggests entirely different goals and intentions.

* Are you ready to stop striving for pose mastery?

* Can you carve out time from your busy week to practice listening to what your body, mind, and whole being craves? 

* What if you invited yourself to come home to peace, calm, and well-being?


Join us and discover how you feel when you intentionally do a little less. 

No previous yoga or meditation experience necessary. No need to register in advance, simply arrive a few minutes before class to check in with the front desk.

Join me Fridays at 10am CT for

Gentle Yoga Online!

@ Bloom Yoga Online


Restorative Yoga

(every other week*)

Wednesdays 4-5pm

In-person classes are currently suspended. Stay tuned!

@ North Boulder Rec Center


Stress Less with Restorative Yoga

Next date TBD

Did you know stress is a proven cause of many illnesses and diseases?


Good news - there's an enjoyable, easy, and low-cost way to dramatically reduce your stress levels right now!


Join us for a fun and relaxing Restorative Yoga practice and experience the benefits of slowing down, doing a little less, and trying a softer approach to yoga.

This workshop will incorporate a theme and brief discussion around the benefits and principles of practice, followed by a sequence of restorative poses and gentle mobilization exercises to create a complete, embodied experience.


To access deeper states of calm and quiet, you'll also be guided in brief and accessible meditation techniques.  Use props galore to create a supported, cozy experience on your mat.


Remember, you don’t need to earn rest.  Self-care is a necessity and now is the time to start reducing your stress.

Some previous yoga experience is recommended, although you do not need to have any prior experience with meditation or restorative yoga. All props will be provided, but you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own yoga mat. Come in comfortable clothing, and prepare to give yourself the gift of sweet relaxation.

Pre-registration is required and space is limited.