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Embody mindfulness, rest and recharge your mind and body, and discover the health benefits of meditation.

Weekly Gentle Yoga



10 - 11am CT / 9 - 10am MT

@ Bloom Yoga Online

Balance strength, mobility, and rest

This embodied mindfulness practice offers a variety of feel-good floor poses as well as active standing poses in both dynamic and static applications. Explore familiar and novel balance poses, learn the benefits of subtle breathing, and cultivate space for stillness, quiet, and deep rest.

While this class is beneficial for those with restrictions or injuries, gentle yoga is not just a second choice when active practice isn’t possible. Instead, this class suggests entirely different goals and intentions. Instead of an always-on or always-off practice, explore the beauty of something in the middle.

No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary.

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Weekly Gentle Yoga
Intentional 2023
Image by Wesley Tingey

Intentional 2023

Virtual workshop

January 8, 2023

9am - 12pm CT / 8am - 11am MT

Recording available for those who can't attend live

Yoga + Intentions = Change ​

Forget resolutions. They’re often overly idealistic, and fueled by shame, and studies have found that less than 10% of people actually stick to them. Instead, carve out a few hours at the start of 2023 to experience an embodied, connected, and creative state that clarifies where you’d like to focus your energy over the next year from a personal, professional, and/or creative perspective.


In this two-part virtual workshop, Kerry will guide you through the simple, efficient, and effective process she has developed as an annual New Year’s ritual. Create a 3-part intention to focus your year and promote growth over the long term.


Here’s what's included:

3-hour Virtual workshop on Sunday 1/8 (recording available to those who can't attend live) – The workshop will begin with a 60-minute practice of gentle yoga, meditation, and pranayama to help you feel more connected and embodied, concluding with yoga nidra, promoting a hypnagogic state, the drowsy feeling between wakefulness and sleep. Recent studies have linked the hypnagogic state to increased creativity and problem-solving, which will set the stage for greater open-heartedness and creativity for the second part of the workshop. In the second half, you will be guided through several reflection questions to help prompt your 3-part intention for 2023. Kerry will be available for personalized support throughout the process.

Monthly email encouragements – Intentions can’t come to fruition if you don't revisit them. To support your commitment to your intentions, you will receive a short, inspiring email each month to remind you to check in and stay on track.

2-hour Virtual mid-year check-in (date to be scheduled among the group and recording will be provided for those who can't attend live) - this supportive check-in will be a chance to reflect on your progress towards your three intentions. Kerry will offer tips on staying inspired and will lead a gentle yoga practice. Accountability works!

Pick out a journal, grab your favorite pen, and come in comfortable clothing, ready to move. Space is limited.

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Virtual Yoga + Sound Bath

Virtual Gentle Yoga + Sound Bath

Thursday, February 9, 2023

8-9pm CT / 7-8pm MT

Bloom Yoga Online

Experience the magic of sound meditation from the comfort of your own home!

Enjoy the beauty of a balanced yoga practice that leads you into a deep relaxation and sound meditation. Class will begin with a gentle yoga sequence that combines energizing active poses with quieting restorative poses. Modifications will be offered and you will be empowered to find what feels good as you reconnect with and nurture your body.

Then you'll settle into a comfortable relaxation pose as you bathe in the sounds of Himalayan singing bowls and other soothing instruments that will transport you into a meditative state of relaxation.

No previous experience is necessary, appropriate for all. Wear comfortable clothing, gather some blankets and pillows and any other favorite home yoga props.


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