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Nice to meet you!

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Hi, I'm Kerry and I was a therapy late-bloomer

I didn't come to therapy until my 40s. For a long time I used yoga and mindfulness practices to help me cope with what I eventually realized was anxiety. I just wish I'd found somatic therapy sooner because it was a game changer for me. If you've also found it hard to find your therapy fit, just know that I'm all about making the process unintimidating, down-to-earth, and accessible to anyone who desires support in living a more satisfying life.....starting now. Whatever now looks like.

Being in life’s in-between moments is hard

I've often struggled to manage the stress and unsteadiness of transitions once I've left the old behind, but haven't fully arrived in the new. With support, these in-between moments have helped me grow and change to navigate transitions and gave me new insights about myself, too. That's one of the things I like supporting clients with in therapy. Drawing on decades of down-to-earth mindfulness practices (no OM required) and my somatic therapy training, I'll support you in learning to tolerate, and maybe even thrive through, the discomfort of transitions.

More than just venting

If you think therapy is just like venting to a good friend, I invite you to join me in a different sort of relationship. With my somatic approach you’re not only in conversation with a calm, caring, steady therapist (that’s me!), I’ll also support you in coming into conversation with your own body and nervous system.

My training

I am an LPCC in the state of Colorado (LPCC.0022317) and I received a master's degree in Somatic Counseling from Naropa University. I've studied various somatic therapy techniques such as Focusing and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, as well more traditional talk approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution-Focused Therapy. I am currently pursuing additional training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples. My balanced approach that meets you where you are on any given day.

Yoga + mindfulness

I love yoga and mindfulness! My specialties are gentle and restorative yoga, conscious breath techniques, yoga nidra, and other approachable forms of mindfulness. As an Atma Buti® Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, I offer group sound baths and individual sound healing sessions. I'm an E-RYT 500 as well as an Advanced Trainer in Relax & Renew™ Restorative Yoga, and I also hold a certificate in Curvy Yoga. I welcome and embrace the needs of all bodies, and I love customizing each practice with the skillful and creative use of props and modifications. As the founder of Bloom Yoga Studio, I've been training teachers since 2011, and it's my passion to mentor teachers to help them authentically shine.


I'm a quality over quantity type of friend. I love cooking (and eating!) delicious food, reading, listening to music, watching great films, laughing my head off at comedy shows, and playing piano, among other things. When I'm not with clients, I delight in mountain biking, skiing, or hiking with my husband, kids, and our sweet pup Coco to enjoy all the nature, beauty, and fun the front range has to offer.

But enough about me....I look forward to getting to know you.

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