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From serious to lighthearted, Kerry's work explores the intersection of wellbeing practices and everyday life. Check out her selected writings, article features, webinars, and guest podcast appearances.

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Huffington Post: Don't Let Fear Become your CEO

Kerry shares the story of her beginnings as a small business owner and how she learned to not let fear hold her back (or push her too far) when it comes to entrepreneurship.

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My Area Yoga: Gentle vs. Restorative - What's the difference and why should you try them?

Yoga fads come and go, but our need for quieting only becomes more pronounced as our daily lives grow ever more unsustainably “crazy busy.” Learn how these softer approaches could benefit you.

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elephant journal: Will Lululemon Finally Listen this Time?

No stranger to controversy, Luluemon brought together yoga thought leaders for a "Circle of Dialogue." Kerry shares what the company could do to make a real difference in the community.  

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My Area Yoga: 4 Ways to Kickstart your Home Practice

If you find it hard to practice yoga at home on your own, you're not alone! Kerry offers practical tips to help you get over the intimidation so you can get on the mat.

MindBodyGreen: Fear No Yoga

In response to uproar from William Broad's controversial "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body" piece in the New York Times, Kerry explores the yoga community's blind spots when it comes to risk of injury.

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My Area Yoga: How I Stopped Rationalizing my way out of Self-Care

Do you put off self-care by telling yourself there's always time for it later? Kerry shares her personal story of learning to carve out time for yoga despite the demands of work and young children.

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LinkedIn Pulse: Why 1st Graders are Better at Meditation than You Are

Not having luck with meditation? Maybe you're trying too hard! In this humorous piece, Kerry shares how teaching mindfulness to 6 year-olds helped her think small when it comes to the "M" word.

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My Area Yoga: Sitting is the new....Yoga Time!

Chair yoga isn't just for your great-grandmother. In this article, Kerry offers some simple tips and pictures of modified chair poses you can do right now. You'll be surprised how satisfying it can be!

Illumine: The Householder Yogi Column

Read Kerry's take on the yoga of parenting in this series of 6 pieces that explore how yoga practice can help in the quest to pay attention to the magical (and often challenging) little ones in our lives.

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My Area Yoga: Why your Self-Care Routine is Destined to Fail (& how you can change that!)

Self-care has become a mainstream concept, but that doesn't mean it's easy to incorporate into your already very full real life. Kerry uncovers common pitfalls, and offers tips for overcoming them.

Thinking Yogi: Why New Year's Resolutions and Shame Go So Well Together

If you're sick of the cycle of resolutions that end in shame and self-loathing, this piece will help you explore why your quest for change may be holding you back.

Neighborhood Parents Network: Helping your Child Stress Less with Yoga

Stress isn't just an adult problem these days! Read more about the impacts of stress on children, and how yoga and mindfulness tools can work magic to give kids the tools for self-regulation.

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elephant journal: Yoga is my Snowbrush

This poetic piece is a meditation on winter storms and the yoga of accepting the unpredictability (and often relentlessness) of snowfall. Bring a little mindfulness to your next shoveling chore....

Guest Podcast & Webinar Appearances

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Insight Timer: Meditation and Pranayama Teacher

Intimidated by the 'M' word? Join Kerry for an accessible and embodied approach to meditation and pranayama (breath work), and give yourself the permission and tools to live more joyfully.

Panel Discussion: Practical tips for Preparing to Reopen and Recover

Kerry hosted an engaging panel discussion for Yoga Alliance with industry thought leaders from industries including insurance, public health, and school and studio owners from the US and Canada.

Not Always Zen - Meeting Today's Challenges with Curiosity and Compassion with Kerry Maiorca and Francine Kelley

Explore the impossible pressure we put on ourselves, as yoga teachers and practitioners, to always be Zen, or at least be perceived that way. You'll come away with inspiration to move forward differently.

Meeting your "Small Self" - Protective Strategies as you enter the Global Stage with Kerry Maiorca and Francine Kelley

As many yoga teachers are going online for the first time and being thrust into "competition" on a global stage, this inevitably kicks up our "small self" insecurities. Learn how to explore this reaction.

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Yoga & COVID-19: Community Conversations to Support a Compassionate and Resilient Response

In these extraordinary circumstances, there’s never been a more important time to connect. Kerry joins other yoga teachers and industry leaders to discuss how to best navigate this moment.

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The Business of Yoga from Expert Teacher Trainer Kerry Maiorca

Take an inside look at current trends in the yoga industry from a 20+ year teacher. Kerry shares her take on yoga injuries and offers advice for how yoga teachers can be more successful in business.

Embody Podcast: Being Brave to do what is Enough and Not More

Learn why First Graders are better at meditation than you are, how to begin any practice just as you are right now, and get inspiration for how to find nourishment in the in-between spaces of life.

Guided Meditation with Kerry: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Intimidated by meditation? Harness distractions and worries in this simple guided meditation with Kerry, and experience the profound calm of slowing down for a few moments (scroll down to find it!)

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On the Blue Couch: Interview with Kerry Maiorca

Kerry brings her years of yoga experience and teaching to this conversation and shares her knowledge, insights and passion for all things yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

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J. Brown Yoga Talks Podcast: Inside the Yoga Alliance

This wide-ranging talk covers a lot of ground, focusing especially on Kerry's role as Chair of the Board for Yoga Alliance, but you can hear how Kerry started in yoga from minutes 7 - 28.

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Student-Teacher Relationship & Restorative Yoga Tips

As a guest on Barrie Risman's Teacher's Lounge training, Kerry shares her insights into developing a healthy teacher-student relationship, and offers some helpful Restorative Yoga tips at the end!

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