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Go beyond talk

Therapy can be an integral part of your wellbeing toolkit. But most of the time, thoughts and words aren't enough to create lasting change.

Somatic Counseling combines traditional talk therapy approaches with an awareness of the body, harnessing multiple tools for transformation.

Create lasting change and wellbeing

My approach to therapy centers around your goals.

Our sessions will adapt to your evolving needs. I believe counseling is most effective when it balances exploring the past with a solutions-focused approach to change in the present.

Whether you're new to therapy or haven't found the right fit yet, I'm here for you. Are you:

  • Just getting by, struggling with anxiety and/or depression?

  • Looking to reconnect with your body?

  • Seeking support with a life transition like a move, or a work or relationship change?

  • Looking for parent coaching or help with your teen who is going through a tough time?

  • Ready to invest in your relationship and receive support in couples' counseling?


When we sit down together, I'll be fully with you right where you are now.


Our sessions may incorporate accessible breath practices, mindful movement, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness practices such as walking meditation and sound therapy with Himalayan singing bowls. What comes up may offer insights that deepens and supports our work on whatever is bringing you to counseling. I also believe humor and lightness can be powerful tools.

Connect with me for a complimentary 20-minute consultation to see if it could be a fit for us to work together. I look forward to talking with you!

Accepting clients starting in summer 2024

Contact me to join my waitlist

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