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Emptying Nest Parent Support Group

Designed for parents of kids ages 17-23, this group will give you the support you need as you face the empty nest transition. Contact me for Fall 2024 session dates!

Sad? Excited? Anxious? Proud?

If you're anticipating a child's departure from home, you may be feeling a whole spectrum of emotions (perhaps all on the same day!).​

The empty nest period is often only defined as the time after the final child has left home, a time in which some parents describe feeling freedom, and others sadness. But each of the intermediate empty nest stages has its own emotions and challenges.

In families with multiple children, when the first child leaves home parents may feel the sadness and missing of their firstborn, but none of the freedom that comes once the final child departs.

Often children leave and then return home many times in the process of fully launching, leading to relationship dynamics that can be challenging to say the least.


​I am currently conducting research on the emptying nest transition to better understand the intricacies of this phenomenon. As part of my research, I’m pleased to offer free parent support groups.​


Past participants have found that the education, group processing, and hearing from other parents in the same phase has helped them to feel more balanced and prepared for whatever phase of the emptying nest transition they were facing.​


If you are interested in participating, please connect with me to see if this group may be a fit.

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