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Great couples do the work

Even if a relationship looks effortlessly blissful from the outside, that's rarely the case.

Invest in your relationship by taking a somatic and emotionally focused approach to couples therapy.

Holding Hands

Can your relationship weather the storm of transitions?

It can be scary to admit you and your partner need support.


Life's stresses and transitions can be hard enough to handle on your own. Adding another person (and their unique attachment style) into the equation can make things more complex.

Going to couples therapy doesn't mean you've failed, or that your relationship is doomed.

If you've been feeling the drift, a distancing between you and your partner, or it seems that all you ever do is fight, couples therapy may help. 

Whether you and your partner are seasoned therapy clients or brand new, I'll make the process unintimidating and accessible.


Couples therapy can be helpful when you're:

  • ​In the middle of a life transition, like a move

  • Facing stress at work that's showing up at home

  • Preparing to welcome a child

  • Working through parenting/discipline style differences

  • Anticipating changes as a child leaves home

  • Working through grief and loss

  • Seeking to move towards a separation or divorce in a conscious and collaborative way


I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation, and I'd love to hear from you! Call me at 720-251-2887 or click the button below.

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